Step 1: 15 Min Free Discovery Call

This is where our journey begins!

Our relationship start here.

This is a discovery call where we can chat and discuss the basics of your project needs. We’ll also briefly go over our process and next steps.

Step 2: 90 Min Initial Consultation

We’ve had our Discovery  Call and decided we at least like each other; now it’s time for our first date.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and learn more.

During the Initial Consultation, we will perform a thorough walk through of your space and discuss your needs and potential resolutions, as well as, what you do and don’t love, your pain points and your non-negotiables. This is a time for both of us to ask questions and get to know each other and for me to learn more about your project and how I can best help you achieve your desired results. 

Step 3: Select a Design Service

Let’s go steady!

We’ve met and decided we’re the perfect fit!  Now it’s time to take things to the next level!


Are you too busy or exhausted from work, kids and life in general to even begin to think about how to make your house feel like a home? Or do you simply have no clue or the creative intuition to make a decision on pillows let alone pull together a cohesive design concept for furnishings and accessories for an entire room/home? Well, don’t fret my friends, Leah May Interior Design has your back with our full-service design.  

When designing your space, we consider the atmosphere and feeling you want to portray in your home, but also work with you to create a space that serves your lifestyle. Whether you’re hosting friends and family or walking in from a busy day, the sense of comfort, beauty and grace a well-designed, personalized home gives you is priceless; let us help you create your refuge. AAhhhhhhhhh.


For those of you who are not in the Atlanta area (or maybe you are and you travel often and it’s hard to find time to meet in person) and you would love to work with Leah May Interior Design, there is no need to be disappointed, we offer full-service design remotely! We can perform all the services of our full-service design via Zoom, Facetime or Facebook video chat.  There will be a few extra steps and additional information we will need from you, such as photos and measurements, but don’t stress, we’ll provide detailed instructions for you; it’ll be easy-peasy! I mean…virtual meetings are the cool thing to do these days, no? 


Perfect for those who need a little direction, this service provides you with hands-on assistance. Services could include rearranging your space(s) with the items you already have, hanging a gallery wall or even a shopping trip to your favorite home furnishing stores (who doesn’t love shopping??) to help you choose the perfect pieces to enhance your space. Depending on your needs, our goal will be to solve all of your design concerns in one session.


Do you love decorating your own home but you have a list of small projects that you can’t seem to figure out or make decisions on? Or are you building a home and you need ongoing consulting to assist you with finish selections? Then Designer on Demand is here to save the day!!!! (now imagine Mighty Mouse busting through your front door right now! OK, we promise not to damage your door!)  This package is for you to put in your pocket and save for an emergency. It can be used for any type of design advice/assistance you may need.

Let’s get started!